At Tynemouth Surf Co we have fully qualified trainer assessors that can help you complete your surf instruction course. Simply click the link below to enrol on to the online course via Surfing England and select Tynemouth Surf Co as your surf school. Once you have completed the online course you can start your practical hours with us to become fully qualified surf instructor. Please click the link below:


This is the first step on your surf coaching journey, you will learn fundamental ‘how to coach’ and technical skills enabling you to safely deliver beginner surf lessons.

The course is a mix of theory delivered online or in workshops, followed with practical learning and mentoring on the beach. The course completes with a fully assessed lesson to sign off instructor competency.

You will leave as a qualified surf instructor, ready to start your coaching journey teaching beginner groups in waist depth water.


The course was launched in Spring 2023, working with Surfing England accredited surf schools and Trainer Assessors (TA’s) around the country to deliver the award and give new surf instructors the best possible start to their surf coaching careers. The following information may evolve slightly as Surfing England continue to develop the course.

Requirements: (Can be fulfilled at any time, before attaining full Instructor certification)

You can start the course straight away, but to complete and become certified as a Surfing England Surf Instructor you will need to meet and complete the following:

Demonstrate a minimum level of surfing ability:

  • Able to paddle out and turtle roll
  • Catch green waves, bottom turn and trim left and right

Complete the following:

  • Signed Coaches Code of Conduct (within online learning course)
  • Up to date Beach Lifeguard or Surf Lifesaving award (click for more info on which awards we recognise)

Requirement coming soon for all instructors:

  • Completed Safeguarding training: Either the Surfing England Surf Safeguarding or the NSPCC Safeguarding in Sport online module

For Disabled Trainees

A trainee surf instructor who is a disabled person and cannot fulfil all the safety / surf lifesaving and demonstration pre-requisite elements can attain this award as ‘Supported Surf Instructor’. They must be able to lead the lesson through verbal instruction. They are then supported by a colleague with a relevant surf lifesaving award and surfing experience; the group ratio changes from e.g. 1:8 to 2:8.

Age limits

  • At 16 become a junior instructor – You can operate supervised by an adult surf instructor
  • At 18 become a surf instructor

Course content, length & assessment

  • Approximately 10 hours of theory to be studied at your own pace – online learning system – with guided gateways and assessment questions.
  • Approximately 20 hours of practical training and mentoring with a Surfing England Trainer Assessor.


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